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VG Mining Products and Services
VG385 company:
we respectfully ask you to kindly give this one-page letter your brief attention so that.
VG Mining Engineering Services specializes in designing and manufacturing drilling and stone cutting, reinforced concrete and demolition solutions.

We are dedicated to providing engineers and contractors with economy and quality-assured best diamond wire cutting equipment. We will deliver our products to customers in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
We offer the following products:
۱. Diamond wire cutting and concret

cutting machines
۲. Diamond wire for cutting building stones (Marble and Granite)
۳. Cutting diamonds, designing and manufacturing
۴. Wear-resistant rubbers for cutting machines
۵. Safety equipment and individual protection
۶. Wire cutting scissors – Crimp bush, wire joints and accessories for diamond wire assembly.
We thank you for your time and attention and sincerely hope that you will seriously consider using our products and services.
For further information, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department
Telephone No: 09122850921
Fax No:0098-21-55400658
Tel : 0098-21-55400672

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